Welcome to Jakrew Games!

We're a friendly local game store located in Warrenville, IL, serving the Western Suburbs and Fox River Valley. We offer a wide array of tabletop, collectible, and board gaming.

Free table space available daily.

Visit Us in Warrenville at
28W571 Batavia Road
Warrenville, IL
  • Sunday 12pm - 6pm
  • Monday 3pm - 10pm
  • Tuesday Closed
  • Wednesday 3pm - 10pm
  • Thursday 2pm - 10pm
  • Friday 2pm - 11pm
  • Saturday 9am - 11pm
Image of MTG Modern Horizons
Join us for Commander

Every Sunday we host a MTG Commander event

June 2019

Image of Preorder Star Wars Outer Rim
Preorder Star Wars Outer Rim
In Star Wars: Outer Rim, you and you friends take on the roles of bounty hunters, smugglers, and mercenaries and set out to make your mark on the galaxy. Preorder Now! Keep Reading
Image of Twilight Imperium Tournament
Twilight Imperium Tournament

Join us for our first Twilight Imperium, 4th Edition, tournament! The winner walks away with a copy of Twilight Imperium, 4th Edition. All players will be entered into a drawing to win the promotional hardcover copy of the rules.

Image of International Table Top Day
Image of Plush Mascot
Plush Mascot
Ok, so, we decided on a little jackalope as our mascot. I know, I know, it's an odd choice for a game store. Keep Reading

May 2019

Excited to announce that Button Man Games is becoming Jakrew Gaming! None of our great games or events are changing, I'm just bringing on a business partner and we're rebranding!